In the southern region of Greenvale, the waves of Lake Sadroth pound against loamy shores. Fed by the Twinrivers and Sadral River, the great lake is largely unmapped and left untamed by all but one people; The Halflings. 

The Lakefolk as they preferred to be called are a simple but happy people, content to live out their lives in harmony with Sadroth and the wilds which they call home. The lake provides all the food they could ever ask for, and the rivers provide power by means of water-mills that hug the shores all across Luden, the largest Lakefolk settlement in the region. Though smaller settlements exist, all of the prominent families live within it's safety. Protected by the flows of the Twinrivers, Luden sits like a jewel between the currents of the water.

Unconcerned with the greater world, the Halflings of Greenvale are a folk that live through adaptation and perseverance. Patient and kind, they only work when working is required. Most are content to sit and fish, set about a craft, or simply drift about the waters of the lake and eat good food, but this is not to say that they are a lazy people. Lakefolk crafted boats and tools are a valuable commodity that rarely graces the markets of Harrisvale, their masterful design made to last. The people of Luden are notoriously disdainful of the bustle and hurry of humans and almost exclusively trade with the elves of Shal'eiren, not out of spite for Harrisvale, but for the longstanding friendship between them and the Sor'sharn. 

Though content to live their lives in relative solitude from the other races, and quietly at that, the Lakefolk have a penchant for being very bold and resourceful when roused to a cause worth doing. Much like they view a sprung leak as inevitable and something to be fixed, the Lakefolk view adversity as a chance to overcome difficulty and better themselves. The Sor'sharn have a phrase in elvish that refers to them as being fox-like; complementing them for their cunning and swift thinking as well as their dogged way of not stopping until they achieve their goal.

Roleplaying tips:

Be patient: Lakefolk live their lives as they always have, and are very methodical in the way that they view the world. There's no point to stressing out or being impatient over something, because it won't make you achieve the result you want any faster. Life is to be savored, and passes far too quickly if you let things bother you.

Be humble: Comfortable and relaxed in the way they live their lives, the Lakefolk have never needed more than what they have access too, but neither have they ever felt the need to flaunt it. Their goods are of very high quality, but it's because they've perfected the method over generations of trial and error. This relaxed viewpoint often times spreads into the rest of their lives, making them not very likely to brag or be boisterous.

Be resourceful: There are few sights to see in the Greenvale that are as amusing as a Lakefolk dealing with a problem. With their patience and willingness to never give up their trial and error methods, they are often times capable of solutions that no one else would think of.

Common Classes in Oroth: Though not your typical adventurer-stock, Lakefolk make a good addition to any party just through their kind nature and willingness to listen and consider viewpoints. Their small frames make them adept at agile-based roles while their love for nature and practice of "The Old Ways" loans them to be more primal oriented. Very rarely, some Lakefolk are born with the ability to channel the powers of water, which lends them magic that is used to help Luden as well as travel about Lake Sadroth.  Suggested classes: Bard, Druid, Ranger, Seeker, Storm Sorcerer.


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