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Harrisvale: A town nestled in the beautiful Greenvale; held tightly by the mighty arms of the Sterok and Khad'moren mountain ranges, established as a last permanent settlement to venture from when entering the great wilds of Oroth. Far flung from the mightier cities of Avandrel, Harrisvale is a melting pot of cultures, races, professions, and outlooks; despite it's distance from any other Avandrelan cities, it's population boasts about several thousand individuals from within it's walls to those living just outside. The town is largely unaffected by the trials facing other parts of the world; food is plentiful thanks to the large farms outside the town, and Avandrel's war with it's neighbor only bothers it's northwestern border. Time moves slow, this far out into the wilds… But all is not well. This wiki is your penultimate source of information on the world and it's lore, and in the dark times, a place to seek knowledge against those that would see Harrisvale brought to it's knees. 

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